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Design ( 14 Files )

Global garden design

Food cultures

Food cultures ( 32 Files )

Farming and food throughout history and across cultures

Millenium Development Goals

Millenium Development Goals ( 10 Files )

Aims to halve extreme poverty; ensure environmental sustainability; reduce child mortality...


Curriculum ( 9 Files )

Ways in which school gardens fit into the curriculum

Sustainable living

Sustainable living ( 35 Files )

6 Rs: rethink, refuse, reuse, reduce, repair, recycle; renewable energy and materials; Peak-everything

Earth stewardship

Earth stewardship ( 8 Files )

Beliefs about environment and responsibility across faiths, history and cultures; one planet farming

Climate change

Climate change ( 34 Files )

Causes and impact; mitigation and adaptation; climate justice: carbon trading, climate negotiations, who pays for adaptation?

Trade justice

Trade justice ( 11 Files )

World Trade Organisation and unfair trade rules; fair trade and fair miles

Growing skills

Growing skills ( 45 Files )

Sustainable growing methods

Food security

Food security ( 36 Files )

Global food supply chain; land rights; sustainable agriculture

Did you know?

My wild ancestors originated in Afghanistan over 3000 years ago

Read more Carrot

I originated in the South American Andes mountains

Read more Bean

I originated in Southern Europe and Western Asia around 2000 BC ago

Read more Leek

I am part of the rose family and native to Central Asia.

Read more Apple

I am the world’s most important salad plant.

Read more Lettuce

I come from the Andes Mountains and was first cultivated about 7,000 years ago.

Read more Potato

I originated in South and Central Asia dating back to 3500 BC.

Read more Onion

Scientists are unsure whether I originated in Central Asia, Ethiopia or the Mediterranean.

Read more Pea

I originated in Central and South America

Read more Pumpkin

My wild ancestors are fond throughout Asia and Europe.

Read more Radish

I am a delicious fruit, native to Eastern Asia, with wide culinary and medicinal uses.

Read more Rasberry

I originated in Persia (modern day Iran) and spread to China around 600AD.

Read more Spinach

My small wild ancestors are found in temperate areas all over the Old World.

Read more Strawberry

I am native to the Central Americas and was first domesticated in Mexico, by at least 2600 BC.

Read more Sunflower

I am native to the Americas and was cultivated by the Aztecs as early as 700 AD.

Read more Tomato