Sustainable living

6 Rs: rethink, refuse, reuse, reduce, repair, recycle; renewable energy and materials; Peak-everything


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An inconvenient truth about food – Neither secure nor resilient An inconvenient truth about food – Neither secure nor resilient

Report questioning whether government agricultural policies will bring secure and sustainable food.

Robin Maynard; Soil Association, 2008

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Aristar Foundation Aristar Foundation

Series of posters and videos for teachers to promote and educate South African children about the techniques and principles of sustainability and permaculture. Available for free in low resolution.

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Education for sustainable development: improving schools – improving lives Education for sustainable development: improving schools – improving lives

Evaluation which found that ESD increased pupils' knowledge and understanding of the importance of leading more sustainable lives.

Ofsted, 2009

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ESD Sourcebook ESD Sourcebook

The purpose of this publication is to describe ways in which education for sustainable development (ESD) can be integrated into primary and secondary schooling. This collection of briefs is designed to complement other ESD materials published by UNESCO.
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Fighting food shortages: Hungry for change Fighting food shortages: Hungry for change

The global food crisis of 2008, which saw food prices rising rapidly as a result of world shortages of staples such as wheat and rice, gives a taste of what the 'perfect storm' will mean for the world's poor.

Christian Aid, 2008

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