Trade justice

World Trade Organisation and unfair trade rules; fair trade and fair miles


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All You Need For A Fair Trade Assembly All You Need For A Fair Trade Assembly

Three adaptable 15 minute assemblies, focusing on different Fair Trade products: chocolate, bananas, clothes/fashion.


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Bananas & (Cocoa) Beans Bananas & (Cocoa) Beans

Investigates our links with people across the globe through trade in food and drink products. Includes teacher information, pupil activities and photocopiable materials.

RISC, 2003, KS2

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Choc-a-lot Choc-a-lot

This pack is for teachers and youth workers and provides a detailed outline of activities for a day workshop which introduces young people to the issues behind the global chocolate industry. Themes include: the role of chocolate in our lives, how chocolate is made, how the big chocolate companies increase their profits at the cost of cocoa farmers, the role of fair trade and how to take further action to demand better conditions for producers.

RISC, 2003, KS 2-4 & 16+, Youth & Community groups

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Cost of Coffee Cost of Coffee

Pack which investigates the global trade in coffee, focusing in particular on the crisis facing coffee farmers. Activities examine the causes and impact of the crisis faced by 25 million small coffee farmers worldwide due to low world prices. Analysis of the response of the big coffee companies and the issue of corporate social responsibility.

RISC, 2005, KS4 & 16+

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Find Your Way Through Trade Find Your Way Through Trade

Download a simple introduction to global trade starting with everyday supermarket items. Includes images of farmers producing coffee, cocoa, bananas.

Oxfam, KS1-2

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I originated in the South American Andes mountains

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